Influenza Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Influenza is a respiratory illness caused by viral infection. People generally refer to it as "flu". It is highly contagious and spreads through the sneeze or cough of an infected person. Although it is unpleasant, it is not life-threatening. Flu outbreaks generally occur in late fall and winter. As the symptoms appear after a couple of days, there are chances of you passing the flu to others even before you know it. Influenza viruses A and B are the main cause of flu. But different strai...

Congenital Heart Disease Diagnosis & Treatment

congenital heart disease diagnosis
Due to congenital heart defects, there may be a change in the normal blood flow through the heart. These defects are of many types which can range from simple defects with no occurrence of symptoms to complex defects with the occurrence of severe symptoms that can be life threatening. The most common type of birth defects are the congenital heart defects. These defects occur in 8 out of every 1,000 newborns. Simple defects doesn't require treatment or can be easily fixed. But a proper congenital...

Congenital Heart Disease – Causes & Symptoms

congenital heart disease
Congenital heart disease is a defect in the structure of your heart which is present at the time of your birth. The defect can be a small hole or something more serious. But most of the defects can be treated with surgery. The defects may be present in the valves of the heart, walls of the heart or arteries & veins near the heart disrupting the normal flow of blood through the heart. As a result, the blood flow will get affected like it may slow down, go to the wrong place or in the wrong di...

Jaundice Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention

jaundice diagnosis
A person with jaundice is more likely to have yellowish tinge to their skin and white part of the eyes. Most newborns develop this condition. But jaundice can occur in people of all ages. The buildup of bilirubin levels in the blood and body tissues is what causes jaundice. The rise in bilirubin levels may be due to an underlying condition that affects the liver such as hepatitis, cirrhosis or gallstones. Hence a proper jaundice diagnosis is required for treatment of this condition and the under...

Jaundice – Causes & Symptoms

Jaundice is a condition which gives a yellowish tinge to the skin and the white part of the eye (Sclerae). It is also known as icterus. Excess of bilirubin in the blood is the main cause of jaundice. Due to this condition, your body fluids may also turn yellow. The levels of bilirubin determines the color of the skin as well as the sclerae. Yellow skin and sclerae appears with mild levels of bilirubin whereas brown color appears with high levels. Bilirubin Levels The yellowing of the sclerae a...

Hepatitis C Treatment & Prevention

hepatitis C treatment
Hepatitis C is caused by the hepatitis C virus. This virus can cause both acute and chronic hepatitis C. Hepatitis C treatment included oral medications and weekly injections till recently. Many people with hepatitis C were not able to take these medications due to other health problems or severe side effects. But things are changing. Nowadays, chronic hepatitis C is curable by taking oral medications daily for 2 to 6 months. Hepatitis C Treatment Lot of changes have occurred in hepatitis C tr...

Hepatitis C Causes And Symptoms

hepatitis C
It is an infection of the liver. This infection is caused by hepatitis C virus. In US alone, around 3.9 million people have this infection. As it causes only fewer symptoms, most people having this infection don't know that they are infected. Many forms of hepatitis C virus occurs. The most common is the type 1. They respond to treatment differently. Hepatitis C Symptoms Most people with this infection do not show any symptoms. But you can notice some of the following: Stomach pain ...

Parents Habits That Affects Kids

parents habits
Parents habits influence the child in their growing up years. Children learn how to feel about their bodies, abilities, almost everything from what their parents say and do. The best way to teach them healthy habits is neither with punishment nor rewards. All you need to do is act in a positive way and inculcate healthy behavior in your kids. Parents should set a good example to help the kids to learn good ways to make healthy choices and feel happy. Do you have changes to make? Need not worr...

Hepatitis B Treatment & Prevention

hepatitis B treatment
Hepatitis B is a viral infection that affects the liver. It can cause both acute and chronic infections. The virus spreads through contact with body fluids or blood of a person with hepatitis B. Timely hepatitis B treatment is necessary from stopping the virus causing any damage to liver. This disease has become an occupational hazard for people working in health industry. Hepatitis B prevention is possible with safe and effective vaccine. Hepatitis B diagnosis A simple blood test helps your d...

Hepatitis B Causes And Symptoms

Hepatitis B
Like hepatitis A, hepatitis B is also a virus that affects the liver. It is called acute hepatitis B when people get it for a short time and then get better and is the more common type. In some cases, the virus may cause infection that remains for long time, then it is called chronic hepatitis B. Without proper treatment and diagnosis, it may also damage your liver. In babies and young children, this virus is more likely to cause the chronic type. Chances are that you may have this condition and...