ADHD Treatment & Strategies

ADHD treatmentGet to know the various ADHD treatment options and strategies available which may help your child to manage and work around the symptoms of ADHD. Your choice of treatment depends on the child’s age & symptoms, your personal views, any other health issues and your experience with any previous treatments.

No need to panic if your first strategy wasn’t effective. There are several approaches you can try and find the best that fits your child. Below are the ADHD treatments and approaches which the professionals use to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

ADHD Treatment and Education Strategies


Whether to treat ADHD or not with medication is a personal decision and a difficult one to take. There are some stimulant medications such as amphetamines and methylphenidate which are effective in managing the ADHD symptoms in most kids. These medications balance the brain chemicals which are responsible for attention, focus and impulse control.

However there can be some possible side effects like irritability, decreased appetite, anxiety and trouble sleeping. Work with your child’s doctor to adjust the medication dose so as to reduce the side effects. If the child already has any co-existing conditions, then these stimulant medications may amplify them. Some non-stimulant medications are also available that might help kids with ADHD.


Different types of therapies are available that addresses emotional, social and behavior issues.You can consider trying more than one type depending on your child’s symptoms as well as the child’s response to ADHD treatment. Kids with ADHD can undergo behavior therapy in order to manage their behavior, cope with stress and improve organization. For dealing with emotional issues, you can try psychotherapy.

Some therapists may also recommend training in social skills. The kids learn the more appropriate ways to interact in social situations by working one-on-one or in small groups. The therapist may conduct this training privately or as a part of the school program.

Child’s School

You can take the help of the school to develop a plan for support and accommodations. Even if the school offers no special services, still the school can do a lot of things to make your child perform well academically.

RTI (Response to intervention) – Some schools use this process to screen all the students and provide the required help to those students who are falling behind. If your child is going to a school that uses the RTI process, then he/she will get small group instruction. If there is no improvement this way, the process moves on to an intense one-on-one instruction. Close monitoring of the progress made by the child and other elements that are useful to you and your child are found in the RTI process.

Informal Support – These strategies are normally used by your child’s teacher. It involves behavior plan based on rewards or it can be making your child sit in such a place where there are less distractions.

Parent Advocates and Support Group

You are not alone who is raising a kid with ADHD. You can take the help of some parent resources and support groups which are available to you. Look for the support you need and deserve.

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