Hepatitis A Overview & Symptoms

hepatitis A
Hepatitis A is an infection that affects the liver and caused by a virus. Usually in most cases, this infection goes away on its own and doesn't give rise to long term liver problems. But it can become serious in rare cases. How does hepatitis A spread? Normally hepatitis A virus is present in the stool of the affected person. It can spread when a person drinks water or eats food that come in contact with the stool infected by hepatitis A virus. A group of people eating at the same restaurant ...

Insomnia Symptoms, Diagnosis & treatment

insomnia symptoms
Insomnia is a complicated condition where in a person has difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep even when the person has the chance to sleep. People with this condition are not satisfied with their sleep. They usually experience one or more of the insomnia symptoms like low energy, mood disturbances, fatigue, decrease in performance at school or in work and difficulty concentrating. Insomnia Symptoms In some cases, insomnia itself may be a symptom of any underlying health condition. B...

Insomnia – Overview & Causes

Insomnia is a sleep disorder. People with this disorder find it hard to fall asleep and as a result the effects can be devastating. This disorder affects regularly millions of people worldwide. Lethargy, daytime sleepiness and a constant feeling of being unwell are the common symptoms of Insomnia. Other symptoms may include anxiety, irritability and mood swings. Insomnia constitutes a wide range of sleep disorders from lack of quantitative sleep to lack of qualitative sleep. It is commonly of th...

Bloating Causes And Prevention

Most of the people suffer from bloating, even when they have not had a large meal. In some severe cases, bloating may cause distension of the abdomen. What and how you eat is the main cause of bloating or gas. Hence making a few simple changes in your diet will help. Bloating Causes Below are the common causes of bloating and ways to avoid them: The most common cause is overeating. Hence eating smaller portions should ease the pain. Unlike protein and carbohydrates, fat takes longer ti...

Dementia Diagnosis & Treatment

dementia diagnosis
Dementia diagnosis is very tricky. Determining the type is most challenging. For dementia diagnosis, there has to be impairment in at least two core mental functions that interferes with the daily living. These include language skills, ability to focus, memory, ability to pay attention, visual perception, ability to reason & problem solving capability. Dementia Diagnosis As part of dementia diagnosis, your doc will check your symptoms and medical history. Doctor will then conduct a physica...

Dementia – Overview, Symptoms & Causes

Dementia doesn't refer to any particular disease. Instead it refers to a group of symptoms that affects thinking, memory and social abilities which are severe enough to interfere with daily activities. Generally dementia involves memory loss. But there are different causes for memory loss. So if you experience only memory loss, it doesn't mean you have this condition. In older adults, the most common cause of progressive dementia is the Alzheimer's disease. But there are also other causes for th...

Tennis Elbow Treatment, Care And Prevention

tennis elbow treatment
Tennis elbow is the pain that occurs on the outside of your arm exactly where the forearm meets the elbow. It involves the tendons and muscles in your forearm. The tendons are bands that connect the muscles to your bones. Constant repetitive action affects the tendon at your elbow end of a particular muscle and may result in small tears. The good news is that you don't have to worry much about tennis elbow treatment. Tennis elbow usually heals on its own. You just have to rest your elbow and tak...

Tennis Elbow – Causes And Symptoms

tennis elbow
Tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis. It is a type of tendinitis that causes swelling of the tendons. As a result of swelling you may experience pain in the elbow and the arm. These tendons act as bands of tough tissue which connects the muscles of your lower arm to the bone. Irrespective of its name, you may still get this condition even if you have never been to a tennis court. Any gripping activities which are repetitive that involves the thumb and first two fingers may cause l...

Healthy Aging Secrets For Young Mind & Body

healthy aging
Everyone wishes for a fountain of youth. But this exists only in legends. Science offers few simple healthy aging secrets which are nothing but healthy habits that can extend your life. Tips for Healthy Aging Don't Slow Down Not only for reducing mortality, but even for many health benefits, physical activity and exercise is the best. The advantages of exercise are improved memory & sleep, fewer heart risks, less pain & depression, less falls and better bone strength. If you able to d...

Benefits of Lunges – Leg Training Exercises

For shaping of your legs and bottom, lunges are one of the most effective exercises. This exercise mainly targets the quadriceps. But it works out the additional muscles as well which includes hamstrings, glutes, core muscles and calves. This makes it an important exercise which tones your lower body. In addition, they are back friendly exercises. While performing them, you need to keep your back straight and your chest lifted. Hence, there will be only little strain on your back. Including lung...