Baby’s Skincare – Protection from Skin Cancer

baby's skincare

Do you want to protect your child from skin cancer as they age? All you have to do is prevent the child from getting a severe sunburn in the childhood. According to American Academy of Dermatology, one severe burn as a child or as a teenager increases the risk of getting skin cancer. So, don’t neglect your baby’s skincare routine.

Sun Protection

Protection from sun is very important at every stage even during infancy. For skin cancer or melanoma, exposure to sun is the most preventable risk. So, always keep sun safety items in handy. Keep them near the front door, in your car or your babies diaper bag so that you have them whenever you need them.

Some tips for Baby’s Skincare

When venturing out in the sun or indoors during summer, always dress your child with sun protective clothing. Like the light weight ones, shirts with long sleeves and pants, also make the child wear wide rimmed hats and sun glasses with UV protection.

Always keep your baby in shade. If its not possible, create your own shade with the help of an umbrella or even hood of the stroller. For babies younger than 6 months old, do not use a sunscreen. But if needed use only a minimal amount. Make sure it is a broad spectrum one and also water resistant with an SPF of minimum 30. Check for sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. They are less likely to irritate the sensitive skin of babies. Reapply after every two hours and immediately after sweating or swimming.

Along with the above tips for sun protection, keep your babies always hydrated on hot days. Make sure they don’t become overheated and make them drink plenty of fluids. Take the child immediately indoors if he or she becomes fussy and cries or has developed redness due to sun exposure.

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