Best And Worst Liver Foods

Liver FoodsLiver is an important organ of the digestive system. It produces proteins, bile and cholesterol, stores minerals, vitamins and also carbohydrates. It helps to break down medications, alcohol and byproducts of metabolism. In order to maintain good health, its important to keep your liver in good shape. Your diet plays an essential role in keeping your liver in good shape. Try to include the best liver foods and eliminate the worst foods for your liver.

Liver Foods to eat and avoid


Some studies suggest that drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day may actually protect your liver from damage which is due to unhealthy diet or too much alcohol. There is also a research that suggests that coffee may lower your risk of liver cancer.


Foods rich in fiber helps to make your liver work at its best. Oatmeal contains fiber and is one of the best liver foods. It helps you in shedding belly fat and some extra pounds which in turn is good way to keep the liver diseases away.


One sure way to keep your liver healthy is to take a lot of veggies. Broccoli is also one of the best liver foods. Some research suggests that broccoli also gives you protection from fatty liver disease.

Avoid Fatty Foods

Junk foods like burgers and french fries are always unhealthy and are a poor choice when it comes to liver health. You are making it harder for your liver to perform its job by eating too many foods rich in saturated fats. It will lead to inflammation over time and as a result may cause liver cirrhosis. Opt for a healthier option over junk food.

Green Tea

It is rich in antioxidants called catechins. Some research suggests that these antioxidants protects you from some form of cancers including liver cancer. Brew the tea yourself and drink it hot as you will get more catechins than having ready-to-drink or iced teas.

Lower Sugar Intake

Too much of sugar definitely takes a toll on your liver health. The reason is the part of liver’s job is to convert the sugar into fat. If you over eat sugar, your liver then makes too much fat. This fat will end up hanging around where it shouldn’t belong and also leads to fatty liver disease.


Nuts particularly almonds are rich sources of vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to protect against fatty liver disease. Also they are good for your heart. Hence make almonds which is one of the best liver foods a part of your diet.


The best thing you can do for your liver is to maintain a healthy weight. For this make a habit of drinking water in place of sweetened drinks such as sports drinks or sodas. You will be amazed at the number of calories you will save each day.


They are rich in nutrients called polyphenols. These give protection against nonalcoholic fatty liver disease which is mainly due to high cholesterol and obesity. If you dislike blueberries, then polyphenols are also present in olives, plums and dark chocolate.

Lower Salt

Early research shows that a diet rich in sodium causes fibrosis. It is the first stage of liver scarring. In order to cut on salt, you can do some easy things like avoiding processed foods like deli meats or beacon and choose fresh veggies over canned ones.

Herbs and Spices

Herbs like sage, oregano or rosemary are good for both your liver and heart. They are rich in polyphenols.


Leafy greens contain glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant. It helps in proper functioning of your liver. Hence add spinach and other leafy greens to your diet.

Limit Packaged Foods

Avoid baked foods and chips as they contain high sugar, salt and fat. Instead of these, have healthy snacks such as an apple or sugar snap peas.

Lower Alcohol Intake

Drinking too much alcohol will damage your liver and may also lead to liver cirrhosis. Even taking four drinks in one sitting for women and five for men is also harmful. Hence limit to one drink a day if you are a woman and two for a day if you are a man.

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