Top 7 Cancer Fighting Foods

cancer fighting foods
Food plays an essential role in maintaining your daily health. It contains minerals and vitamins which are important for the proper functioning of every system of your body. The food that we consume has a direct impact on your overall body health. In addition to healthy food choices, drinking plenty of water and regular exercise increases your chances of living healthier and longer. Food also helps in fighting diseases. There are certain cancer fighting foods that target and destroy the cancer c...

Best And Worst Liver Foods

Liver Foods
Liver is an important organ of the digestive system. It produces proteins, bile and cholesterol, stores minerals, vitamins and also carbohydrates. It helps to break down medications, alcohol and byproducts of metabolism. In order to maintain good health, its important to keep your liver in good shape. Your diet plays an essential role in keeping your liver in good shape. Try to include the best liver foods and eliminate the worst foods for your liver. Liver Foods to eat and avoid Coffee Some ...

Fibromyalgia Diet – Foods To Include And Avoid

fibromyalgia diet
Fibromyalgia is a health condition that causes pain all over the body as well as fatigue. People with this condition may also experience memory, sleep and mood problems. In some people, surgery, infection, physical trauma, stress or even certain foods can trigger fibromyalgia symptoms. Hence it is important that you prepare your own fibromyalgia diet based on your experiences and stick to it. Fibromyalgia Diet - How Certain Foods Affect Your Symptoms? Certain foods and additives that trigger f...

Fatty Liver Diet – Foods To Eat And Avoid

fatty liver diet
Fatty liver disease is one of the leading reasons for liver failure. Diet can be used as one of the ways to treat this disease irrespective of the type. Normally liver helps to produce bile and aids in digestion and also helps to remove toxins in a healthy person. Liver is damaged in a person with fatty liver disease and hence it may not work as well as it should. Try to follow fatty liver diet consistently for better health benefits. Generally, the diet for fatty liver disease can include th...

Lupus Diet – What to Eat & What to Avoid

lupus diet
No matter what you hear and read, there is no established lupus diet. However, good nutrition plays an important role in the overall treatment of any disease. So as with management of any disease you should try to have healthy foods as much as possible. Having certain foods may help some people manage their symptoms better than others. Make your own lupus diet by checking what foods give you more relief. List Of Foods To Include In Your Lupus Diet Avoid red meat and have fatty fish Red meat m...

High Fat Diet Increases Longevity And Strength

High Fat Diet
There are many people living in their 80s and 90s. Researchers have tried to delve into issues of quality of life and health during aging.  A study on mouse recently throws light on these questions. This study demonstrates that a high fat diet along with increasing longevity also improves physical strength. Eat Fat - Live Longer And Healthier The results show a 13 % increase in the median life span of the mice on a high carb versus high fat diet. For humans this may amount to an increase o...

Tips For Clean Eating – How to eat clean

clean eating
Clean eating is not a diet. It's basically a lifestyle approach towards food and the way of preparing it so as to lead an improved life. The basic idea of clean eating is to take food in the same form that the nature delivers or close to it as possible. 9 Tips For Clean Eating Choose Whole Foods Choosing foods which are close to their natural form as possible is the main idea behind clean eating. Avoid bagged, boxed or packaged foods and choose fresh whole foods. For instance, take raw grapes...

Healthy Fat Foods To Include In Your Diet

healthy fat foods
Eating healthy food is the best thing that you can do to control or prevent health conditions like high blood pressure, heart related ailments, some types of cancer and type 2 diabetes. When it comes to healthy eating, most of us avoid fats. But you need to know that not all fats are unhealthy. There are also good type of fats like omega-3 fatty acids. The healthy fat foods help to lower the risk of many diseases like depression, heart disease, arthritis and dementia. Your body cannot make omega...

Psoriasis Diet – What should I eat or Avoid?

psoriasis diet
Having psoriasis makes you pay attention to every detail like medication, your stress level, you tend to keep close watch on the weather and other triggers as well. But should you also follow any psoriasis diet i.e. be watchful on what's on your plate? A healthy diet normally includes lots of veggies and fruits, whole grains and lean protein which is a good diet for everyone. Some people having psoriasis say their eating habits do affect their skin. There is no scientific proof that avoiding ...

Brain Foods That Help Your Focus

brain foods
Off late are you hearing about brain foods and dietary supplements? You believe that they can do everything from enhancing memory, brain function & attention span and sharpen focus. But the question is do they really work? Our body ages as we age and there is no denying this fact. You can actually maintain a healthy brain by adding the smart foods and drinks to your diet. Caffeine for Alertness One thing to remember is that there is no magic food that can make you smarter or boost your IQ....