Iron Rich foods for Vegetarians

iron rich foods
Iron as a mineral is present in many foods. It is also added to some processed foods or even taken as dietary supplements. Iron rich foods are important to our diet as they help to fight anemia arising due to iron deficiency. Iron deficiency anemia is a condition in which the RBCs are lower in number due to little iron available in the body. Your body cannot produce enough hemoglobin due to low levels of iron. Hemoglobin is a substance present in RBCs that carries oxygen to the cells. About 3...

Your Kids Healthy Eating Habits

Kids healthy eating habits
Maintaining a healthy weight and normal growth is important in children. By teaching your kids healthy eating habits and following them yourself helps in raising healthy kids. Children pick up eating habits from adults. Hence picking up good eating habits when they are young will help them to lead a healthy lifestyle when become adults. The important aspects of healthy eating in kids are portion control and cutting down the amount of fat and sugar in your kid's diet. In order to promote a hea...

10 ways to Improve Metabolism

A good metabolism is what every weight watcher will aim for but there are several factors on which how fast you burn your calories depend. For instance, men burn more than women even while resting. Some may have a speedy metabolism due to their genes. Age also plays a role, with age your ability to burn calories may slow down. Though you can't do much about these factors like age, gender and genetics, but you sure can improve your metabolism by certain ways. Below are a few of them: 10 Ways to ...

Arthritis Diet Tips – 12 Best Foods

arthritis diet
Diet alone cannot cure arthritis but certain foods aid in fighting inflammation and helps to strengthen bones and boosts the immunity system. Following the below arthritis diet tips that includes the 12 best foods for arthritis which helps to ease its symptoms. Let's find out. Include 12 Super Foods in Your Arthritis Diet Fish It is great for rheumatoid arthritis. Certain types of fish are full with omega-3 fatty acids which aid in inflammation fighting. Tuna, herring, salmon & mack...

A Guide to Vitamin B12 Deficiency

vitamin B12 deficiency
Getting enough Vitamin B12 is very vital as its deficiency can lead to serious problems. It does a lot of things in your body. Vitamin B12 helps in the making of your DNA and your RBCs in addition to other things. Your body doesn't synthesize vitamin B12, hence it must be supplied in the diet and should be consumed regularly. If you have the vitamin B12 deficiency, it is best to consult a doctor immediately. Vitamin B12 Deficiency Causes With ageing, the risk of vitamin B12 deficiency increase...

List of Vitamin D Rich Foods

Vitamin D is vital to our body. It is more than a vitamin and acts as a pro-hormone by regulating our hormone balance and immune system. Basically, it is a fat soluble vitamin. Our body can make most of it with exposure to sunlight. But still vitamin D deficiency cases have increased in recent years. In such cases it is advisable to take vitamin D rich foods in diet. Vitamin D plays an important role in absorption of calcium by bones and thus helps in bone development. Vitamin D deficiency le...

Diabetic Diet – Healthy Eating Plan

A diabetic diet is a meal plan that guides you on what kinds of food to eat. It is a simple healthy eating plan that helps to keep your blood sugar levels under control. A good diabetic diet is eating the healthiest foods in moderate amounts and eating at regular meal times. Healthy eating and sticking to a regular meal time will also improve your overall health and can prevent complications like heart diseases and some cancers. Purpose of the diet If you have diabetes, then a healthy balan...

Cholesterol Lowering Foods

Cholesterol lowering foods
High cholesterol levels increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Choosing a healthy diet, low in saturated fat can keep your cholesterol low. So, avoid the foods that increases unhealthy cholesterol levels and include the foods that lowers bad cholesterol.  Cholesterol lowering foods help in maintaining the HDLs (Good Cholesterol) and lowering the LDLs (Bad Cholesterol). Cholesterol Lowering Foods Nuts Walnuts, almonds and cashew help in lowering your cholesterol. All the nuts are rich i...

Calcium Rich Foods for healthy bones

Calcium is very important to our body. Our body requires calcium for the growth and maintenance of strong teeth and bones. Apart from preventing osteoporosis, calcium helps us in weight loss as well. Both deficiency in calcium and excess of calcium is not good to our body. Below are some of the calcium rich foods: Calcium from Dairy Products Dairy products are the main calcium rich foods that we can consume daily. Milk, yogurt and cheese are rich in calcium. Calcium is not only present in dair...