Prebiotics – What You Should Know?

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Every part of our digestive system has a role to play in the processing of food. The role that the large intestine plays is particularly interesting as it is home to a vast variety of microbes especially bacteria which have a positive influence on our health. In fact, our overall health depends on the balance between the useful bacteria and the less useful ones. Prebiotics and probiotics help us to maintain this balance. When it comes to prebiotics which is often interchanged with probiotics,...

Dementia – Overview, Symptoms & Causes

Dementia doesn't refer to any particular disease. Instead it refers to a group of symptoms that affects thinking, memory and social abilities which are severe enough to interfere with daily activities. Generally dementia involves memory loss. But there are different causes for memory loss. So if you experience only memory loss, it doesn't mean you have this condition. In older adults, the most common cause of progressive dementia is the Alzheimer's disease. But there are also other causes for th...

Healthy Aging Secrets For Young Mind & Body

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Everyone wishes for a fountain of youth. But this exists only in legends. Science offers few simple healthy aging secrets which are nothing but healthy habits that can extend your life. Tips for Healthy Aging Don't Slow Down Not only for reducing mortality, but even for many health benefits, physical activity and exercise is the best. The advantages of exercise are improved memory & sleep, fewer heart risks, less pain & depression, less falls and better bone strength. If you able to d...