Cholera Treatment and Prevention

cholera treatment
Cholera can be fatal. It is characterized by severe dehydration, watery diarrhea and extreme loss of fluids and electrolytes from the body. In short it is an epidemic which is acute and infectious. Before deciding on the correct cholera treatment plan, a doctor needs to do a proper diagnosis of the patient. Cholera Diagnosis By checking for symptoms such as vomiting, severe watery diarrhea and dehydration, a doctor can confirm whether a person has cholera or not. The doctor may also check whet...

Walnuts Promote Health By Changing Gut Bacteria

A new study suggests a new way in which walnuts can contribute for our better health. According to this study, including walnuts in the diet helps to change the makeup of bacteria in the gut thereby promoting better health. The research was led by Lauri Byerley, research associate professor of physiology at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine. The findings are available online in "The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry". Super Food - Walnuts Dr. Byerley states that "walnuts are indeed s...

ADHD Symptoms & Causes

ADHD symptoms
Are you concerned about your child's behavior? But once you are able to recognize the ADHD symptoms, you are in a better position to help the child. Observe your child's behavior and note down any differences you see. Share this with your child's doctor as well as teacher. This helps to find the best strategy, treatment and support for your child. If in turn your child's teacher mentions any concerns and observations, then do not ignore them. ADHD Symptoms We can classify symptoms of ADHD into...

Discovery of Brain Like Activity in Immune System

brain like activity
A research team from Australian National University (ANU) has discovered brain like activity in the immune system. This means better treatment for certain disorders like autoimmune diseases, lymphoma and immunodeficiency disorders. These disorders collectively claim millions of lives of people globally. Neuron Like Particles in Immune System Ilenia Papa the lead researcher from ANU said that " the research confirms for the first time the presence of certain particles in the immune system which...

Generous People Live Happier Lives

generous people
Generosity makes people happy. You will lead a happier life even if you are only a little generous. People who act only for their self-interest are likely to be less happy. Just promising oneself to be generous is enough to cause a change in our brains that makes us happier. A recent study by UHZ neuroeconomists suggests that generous people live happier lives. People who are concerned about others are more happier than those who focus on their own interests. According to the behavioral econo...

Eczema Types, Diagnosis & Treatment

eczema types
If you have itching sensation on your skin and it keeps turning red from time to time which means you may have eczema. It commonly occurs in children, but even adults can get it. There are many eczema types. Each one of the eczema types has its own set of triggers and symptoms. Eczema Types In order to give proper treatment, it is important to distinguish the type of eczema. There are seven types of eczema which are below: Atopic Dermatitis:   It is the most common type of ecze...

Vitamin B12 Shots – Benefits & Side-effects

vitamin B12 shots
Vitamin B12 shots are usually prescribed when there is a deficiency of the vitamin. Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient. Its deficiency leads to an array of health conditions from fatigue to neurological disorders. What is vitamin B12? It is a water soluble vitamin which is essential to our body. It plays an important part in many of the functions that occur in our body. These functions are Production of energy Synthesis of DNA Formation of red blood cells Healthy nerve cells ...

Menstruation Does Not Effect Your Brain

A new study on the effects of menstruation on cognition was published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuro-science. It definitely changes the way we think about menstrual cycle. People often assume that a woman menstruating cannot perform top class. But Professor Brigitte Leeners and her team have found some evidence which suggests otherwise. Across two menstrual cycles, three aspects of cognition were examined by the team. They found that the levels of the hormones; estrogen, testosterone and proge...

Higher IQ in Childhood linked to Longer Life

Higher IQ
Children with higher IQ are more likely to enjoy a longer life than the couch potatoes suggests a research. According to the study, those having a higher IQ are at a lower risk of dying by age 79 from certain diseases. These include smoking related cancers, heart disease, respiratory diseases and stroke. Risk of dying due to digestive diseases, injuries and dementia was also low as per the study. Research Findings The research was based on the data collected of almost 66,000 people, both men a...

Cholera Information – Causes & Symptoms

What is Cholera? Cholera is an infectious condition which leads to severe watery diarrhea causing dehydration. It may also result in death if left untreated. Having food or water contaminated with Vibrio cholerae, a type of bacteria causes cholera. Cholera is more common in places having poor sanitation facilities, crowding, famine and war. Even though measures are taken to eradicate this disease, still it poses a great threat to mankind in different parts of the world. World Health Organizatio...