Exercise & its benefits and the need to exercise

Why exercise is important? Although we may agree or not, technology has taken over our lives more so in the past decade. Technology is both a boon and bane to humankind. Previously people kept themselves fit naturally through work and manual labor.

Now we depend on technology for everything. This has greatly reduced the amount of physical activity needed to keep oneself fit. As a result new kinds of diseases have started plaguing humans due to the sedentary lifestyle. Hence exercise has become very important in this context.

Due to rise of many number of social platforms, people have become more self conscious appearance wise. There is a constant urge to post good pictures of themselves in the social sites to get maximum number of likes and comments.

In today’s rat race to look and feel good, one is going to any great lengths but are missing out on important part of healthy living – exercise. It gives you both physical and mental benefits.

Benefits of Exercise

Physical Benefits

1. Regularly exercising helps in the maintenance of weight . It makes the body burn the stored fat and helps in weight loss.

2. Muscles get strong with regular exercising. Strong muscle mass in turn burns more calories.

3. Regular to moderate exercise makes the bones strong. Especially the weight bearing exercises like jogging, walking, dancing and running have a good effect on bone health.

4. Exercise helps in detoxifying the body by removing toxins. It also boosts circulation and increases collagen production.

5. Exercising helps lower the risk of many chronic diseases.

Mental Benefits

  1. Exercise helps to lower the levels of hormones related to stress in the body. It also lowers the blood pressure, heart rate and relaxes the blood vessels. It increases the concentration of a hormone called norepinephrine which controls the brain’s response to stress.
  2.  Exercise increases the levels of endorphins in the plasma. These endorphins are the hormones of the brain associated with a happy and positive feeling. Low levels of endorphins is related to depression.

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