Fatty Liver Diet – Foods To Eat And Avoid

fatty liver dietFatty liver disease is one of the leading reasons for liver failure. Diet can be used as one of the ways to treat this disease irrespective of the type. Normally liver helps to produce bile and aids in digestion and also helps to remove toxins in a healthy person. Liver is damaged in a person with fatty liver disease and hence it may not work as well as it should. Try to follow fatty liver diet consistently for better health benefits.

Generally, the diet for fatty liver disease can include the following:

  1. plants with high fiber like legumes & whole grains
  2. lots of fruits and veggies
  3. no alcohol
  4. very little quantity of salt, sugar, refined carbohydrates, trans and saturated fats.

Foods & Drinks to Include in Your Fatty Liver Diet

A low fat diet with reduced calorie intake not only helps you to lose weight but also reduces the risk of fatty liver disease. Below is a list of foods to include in your fatty liver diet:

Tofu to reduce fat buildup

A study on rats has shown that soy protein can reduce fat deposition in the liver. The soy protein is present in foods like tofu. Additionally tofu is high in protein and low in fat.

Green Veggies prevent fat accumulation

In mice, broccoli has shown to prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver. Eating lot of greens like Brussels, sprouts, spinach and kale also helps with weight loss.


Oatmeal which is carbohydrates from whole grains gives energy to your body. The fiber content in oatmeal fills you up which in turn helps you to maintain your weight.

Coffee lowers abnormal liver enzymes

Some studies suggest that people with fatty liver disease who drink coffee regularly have less liver damage than those who don’t drink. Caffeine which is present in coffee helps to lower the levels of abnormal liver enzymes in people with the risk of liver diseases.

Avocado protects the liver

Avocados are not only rich in healthy fats but also contain chemicals that may slow down the liver damage according to a research. In addition, they are also rich in fiber which helps in weight management.

 Walnuts for liver

Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids. Research shows that people with fatty liver disease who consume walnuts have shown to improve live function tests.

Milk and other low-fat dairy to prevent damage

According to a study in 2011, as dairy products are rich in whey protein they help to protect your liver from further damage.

Sunflower seeds

These seeds are rich in vitamin E which is an antioxidant. This helps to protect the liver from further damage.

Garlic helps to reduce weight

Garlic not only adds flavor to your food, but garlic powder supplements can also help in reducing body weight and fat in people having fatty liver disease as per some experimental studies.

Olive oil to control weight

Olive oil contains omega-3 fatty acids. It’s a healthier option for cooking when compared to butter or margarine or shortening. Research suggests that olive oil helps to lower the levels of liver enzymes and also controls weight.

Green tea to lessen fat absorption

There is enough data to show that green tea interferes with fat absorption, but the results are not promising enough. Still research is going on to find out whether it can reduce fat storage in liver and help to improve liver function. But green tea has many other benefits. It can lower cholesterol levels and aids with sleeping.

Foods not to include in Fatty liver diet

It is best to avoid or limit the intake of certain foods if you have fatty liver disease. Below are the list of foods that lead to weight gain and increased blood sugar levels:

  1. Fried foods – are high in fat and calories
  2. Alcohol – is the main cause of fatty liver disease and many other liver diseases as well.
  3. Salt – Having too much salt can make your body to hold onto excess of water. Hence limit the intake of sodium to less than 1500 milligrams per day.
  4. Added sugar – High blood sugar levels cause an increase in the amount of fat buildup in the liver. Hence it is best to stay away from sugary foods like cookies, soda, candies and fruit juices.
  5. Red meat – contains saturated fat. Hence it is best to avoid red meat completely.
  6. White Rice, bread & pasta – As these are highly processed and lack fiber, they can raise your blood sugar levels when compared to whole grains.

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