12 Coping Tips To Fight Fibromyalgia

fight fibromyalgiaAlmost everyone with fibromyalgia experiences pain. Brain fog and fatigue are also common. Dealing with these symptoms is very challenging. You just cannot hold your life on pause because of these fibromyalgia symptoms. Fight fibromyalgia by making few adjustments to your daily routine which includes and not restricted to work, parenting responsibilities, household chores or even having fun.

Tips To Fight Fibromyalgia

Taking on a more active role helps you to manage your condition better. This way, you will feel a sense of control which in turn boosts self-esteem as well as the quality of your life. Below are the ways which helps you to fight fibromyalgia:

Minmize Stress

One of the triggers of fibromyalgia symptoms is stress. In order to improve the quality of your life, it is important to minimize stress. Yoga, sleep, meditation and exercise are some of the stress busters you can try. You can even try breathing deeply and exhaling slowly. Just keep a note of the activities that makes you feel better or which you enjoy. Whenever you are in stress, try doing any one or two of them.

Note It Down

If you are unable to focus or having a bad memory, always keep a paper and pen handy. Make a to do list or even a to say list in order to help you remind the topics you may want to talk to your family members. Also write down your friend’s names, important phone numbers & addresses and shopping lists in a small notebook and carry it with you.

Regular Exercise

One of the best treatment for fibromyalgia is regular, low intensity exercise like warm water exercise or walking. It helps to reduce stress, reduce pain & stiffness and also may increase your sense of control over fibromyalgia. Doing exercise regularly helps you to sleep better. Plan a good exercise program by talking to your doctor or to a physiotherapist.


Soaking in a hot tub or a warm bath will help you a lot. It reduces pain, helps to relax tense muscles and to move more easily. If you have difficulty getting in and out of the tub, you can just put a stool in the shower so that you can sit and let the water do its work. Steam may increase endorphin levels which helps to block the pain signals and you can sleep better.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine may increase stress, both psychologically and physically. It stimulates the brain and the heart which can increase anxiety, nervousness & insomnia. So in order to de-stress, avoid caffeine. Its best to avoid caffeine after late afternoon for better sleep.

Have A ‘Me Time’ Every Day

To fight fibromyalgia, you will have to face the unique health challenges it poses which makes your life complicated. Hence as a part of your treatment, make time for yourself everyday so that you can indulge in a hobby which ever makes you feel good. Not only it helps you to fight stress and increases your energy for doing things but also brings more balance to your life.

Better Work Conditions

If your work is leaving you exhausted, then make a flexible plan that works for both you and your boss. Ask your boss for part time work from home option. Even at the office, rearrange your work space to make you feel comfort and for easy accessibility.

Talk About It

Communication is very important as fibromyalgia puts stress on you as well as those around you. So, don’t always try to hide your discomfort and put on a happy face always. Your loved ones need to have an idea of what makes your symptoms worse. Focus on one issue at a time and look for solutions. Do not hesitate to ask for help from friends, a counselor or others with fibromyalgia.

Okay to Say No

Fibromyalgia is sometimes referred to as an invisible illness as you may look fine but feel worse. People may not remember that you need to prioritize and plan. When it comes to activities, favors or invitations, you need to consider whether these will help your symptoms. If not, it’s okay to say “no” and stick to it.

Rearrange Your Bedroom

You will have to set the mood in the bedroom to sleep if you are not getting enough rest. You can keep your room dark, cool , quiet and free from distraction and reserve the bed only for sleeping. Maintain regular sleep hours. Avoid late night TV seeing and computer. Instead, wind up with a warm bath or a soothing music.

Maintain a Daily Journal

Its best to keep track of activities, events, symptoms and mood swings in order to fight fibromyalgia. This helps to make you aware of when your symptoms will start and also its triggers. You can then either work to eliminate the triggers or learn strategies to cope with them to reduce their impact.

Join in a Support Group

In case of chronic illness, support group plays a key role in lives of people with them. Both in person and online offer a safe place for you to talk with others and also share your concerns and frustrations. The support groups also provide information, emotional support and coping tips.

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