Healthy Aging Secrets For Young Mind & Body

healthy agingEveryone wishes for a fountain of youth. But this exists only in legends. Science offers few simple healthy aging secrets which are nothing but healthy habits that can extend your life.

Tips for Healthy Aging

Don’t Slow Down

Not only for reducing mortality, but even for many health benefits, physical activity and exercise is the best. The advantages of exercise are improved memory & sleep, fewer heart risks, less pain & depression, less falls and better bone strength. If you able to do only one type of exercise, then opt for aerobic exercise. But if your are game any exercise, you can do pretty much anything which feels fun for you. You can even take a dance class, walk briskly or even ride a stationary bike. In order to have a well rounded program, you can even alternate aerobics with flexibility & strength training.

Mediterranean Diet

A good diet aids in healthy aging. Mediterranean diet is one of the best diets in the world to eat. It emphasizes on having fresh fruits, veggies, healthy fats and whole grains. In addition this diet is also delicious. Hence you may want to stick to it. This diet has been linked to greater longevity and better heart health.

Veggies – Include lot of veggies in your diet like carrots, tomatoes, kale and broccoli. Do not fry them instead steam them or eat them raw.

Ban butter – You can opt for olive oil for cooking. Use olive oil for salad dressings as well. Grape seed and canola are vegetable oils which are also healthy.

Fish – Try have to fish at least twice a week. You can have herring, albacore or salmon instead of red meat.

Stay Connected

You may lose touch and even get isolated when your family and friends move one. Never allow that to happen. The more connected you are, the better it is for you. Try to build a support network with the help of your doctor, any religious organization or a community center.

No Smoking

Generally it takes about an average of seven attempts to quit tobacco habit. You may have tried it in the past and may not have succeeded. But it doesn’t mean you are incapable. May be you are quite closer to the time when you can succeed.

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