High Fat Diet Increases Longevity And Strength

High Fat DietThere are many people living in their 80s and 90s. Researchers have tried to delve into issues of quality of life and health during aging.  A study on mouse recently throws light on these questions. This study demonstrates that a high fat diet along with increasing longevity also improves physical strength.

Eat Fat – Live Longer And Healthier

The results show a 13 % increase in the median life span of the mice on a high carb versus high fat diet. For humans this may amount to an increase of about 7 to 10 years. But what matters the most is that these mice also retained quality of health in later life.

Several studies have shown that calorie restriction can slow aging in animals. But the aim of this study on mice was to see how a high fat diet can impact the process of aging. High fat diets have become popular for various health benefit claims. But scientists are yet to find out the what process happens during ketosis. Especially when the intake of carbs is so low that the body makes shift to fat burning and producing ketones as energy source against using glucose as main fuel source.

For the study, the mice were split into 3 groups. First group of rodents were fed diet rich in carbs. Second group with a high fat diet or low carb diet. Third group with a high fat diet with a total calorie intake of 89-90%. Originally researchers felt that a high fat diet may increase weight and decrease life span. So they kept same each diet’s calorie count. The basic design of the diet was not to focus on weight loss but to check metabolism and what it can do to aging?

Other Benefits of High Fat Diet

The high fat diet also increased motor function and memory along with increasing the average life span of mice in the study. There was a significant prevention of increase in inflammation markers related to age. There was also an impact on incidence of tumors.

Many of the things the researchers were checking for didn’t differ much from humans. At the basic level, humans and mice undergo similar changes and also the decrease in the overall functioning of organs during the process of aging. This study concludes that a high fat diet has a major impact on life as well as health span without any major weight loss or restricted intake. It also gives rise to new opportunities for possible dietary studies on the impact on aging.

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