Higher IQ in Childhood linked to Longer Life

Higher IQChildren with higher IQ are more likely to enjoy a longer life than the couch potatoes suggests a research. According to the study, those having a higher IQ are at a lower risk of dying by age 79 from certain diseases. These include smoking related cancers, heart disease, respiratory diseases and stroke. Risk of dying due to digestive diseases, injuries and dementia was also low as per the study.

Research Findings

The research was based on the data collected of almost 66,000 people, both men and women in Scotland in 1936. IQ in them was tested at age of 11. Their lifestyles were closely followed till Dec 2015 for about 68 years. Several factors that may influence the results like age, sex and socioeconomic status were also taken into consideration. After all the analyzing the researchers came to the conclusion that higher IQ in childhood was related to lower risk of death up to age of 79. For instance, a highest test score meant the risk of death due to respiratory disease was lower by 28%. And a 25% less risk of dying from heart diseases & a 24 % less risk of death due to stroke.

The researchers while publishing their findings in BMJ have said that several mechanisms are been proposed as explanations. For instance people with higher IQ are more likely to take care of their health and are less likely to smoke. These people are more likely to exercise and take medical assistance when required. There are other evidences which suggest that genetics also plays a key role in connecting longevity and cognitive ability.

According to researchers, the reasons for linkage between longevity and childhood IQ are not fully known. All the factors such as education, lifestyle, genetics, health literacy and less deprivation play a role. There are many teams researching and testing different ideas in various ways.

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