Osteoporosis Drug Could be the Cure for Baldness

osteoporosis drug cure for baldnessHere is some good news for people worrying about going bald due to stress, thinning of hair or male pattern baldness. A new drug originally meant for thinning of bones disease – osteoporosis could be the cure for baldness. As per the researchers from University of Manchester’s Centre for Dermatology Research, a new study on the osteoporosis drug originally meant to treat the bone disorder had positive effects on hair follicles in humans.

Study Finds Cure for Baldness in Osteoporosis Drug

The study on osteoporosis drug took place in the lab of Professor Ralf Paus and published in the journal, Public Library of Science(PLOS). Osteoporosis is a disorder that increases bones’ weakness. The drug used forĀ  the study was designed to treat osteoporosis.

Minoxidil found in Rogaine and finasteride found in Propecia & Proscar are the only two drugs which are approved to treat hair loss. Both the treatments are well-known. But the worrying factor is they also come with side effects and when it comes to hair growth, the results are disappointing. People are left with no other choice but to opt for hair transplant surgery.

The experiment was conducted by Dr. Nathan Hawkshaw and his team. They tested the osteoporosis drug, WAY-316606 and found that it had reduced the expression of the SFRP1 protein. This protein is the main factor that inhibits the growth of hair follicles. When the researchers used the drug to treat the follicles, the result was enhanced hair growth.

40 patients undergoing the hair transplant took part in the study. They were treated with the drug for six days. There was growth in the hair from the participants. After two days, the treated hair follicles showed significant increase in the measured rate of the hair shaft.

Can the Osteoporosis Drug be considered the Solution for Baldness?

As per Hackshaw, more trials and tests are required to come to a conclusion that this drug is safe to use for a person. Hackshaw could conduct this experiment with the help of a local hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Asim Shahmalak.

It is exciting to know that this new drug which was never considered for hair loss treatment can now promote hair growth in humans. Due to it transitional potential, it can one day make a real difference in people’s lives suffering from hair loss.

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