Osteoporosis – Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Osteoporosis is a disorder of the bone which reduces the bone strength. As a result bones become fragile and are easily susceptible to fractures. Bones become weak to such an extent that even a minor stress can cause fracture. It can occur in any bone of the skeleton. But the most affected areas are the hips, spine, ribs and wrists.


Osteopenia is a condition in which the mineral bone density is less than normal. But the mineral bone density is not in the osteoporosis range. It is an early sign for bone loss which may lead to osteoporosis.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

It may be present without the occurrence of symptoms. It can be detected only when a person suffers fracture. If the fracture is painful, it can be considered as an osteoporosis symptom. Most often the fracture is in the hips or at the back. A decrease in height may be visible. With age, Dowager’s hump may also be seen in the spine.

Osteoporosis fracture

Fractures is one of the serious consequences of this condition. Even doing things like lifting a bag or bending down to tie shoe laces can cause fracture. This fracture is due to osteoporosis. If the fracture occurs in the spine, the pain due to fracture will subside. But we may develop chronic pain in the lower back. This might cause height loss or curving of the spine due to damaged vertebra.

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