Osteoporosis – Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Treatment & Prevention

There is no treatment that can completely cure this condition. The aim of osteoporosis treatment  is only to reduce the risks associated with it. It can be done either by reducing the bone loss or increasing the bone strength. Prevention becomes extremely crucial in this context.

Lifestyle Changes

Certain changes in lifestyle helps to prevent osteoporosis.  Quitting tobacco smoking, cutting down on alcohol intake, doing exercise regularly and having a balanced diet helps in the prevention of the disease.


Certain medications can stop bone loss and increase bone strength. And certain medications help in increasing the bone formation. Medications should be taken after consulting a doctor. Medications are given depending on the stage and on the location of the most affected area. Some of the medications include Alendronate, Risedronate, Ibandronate, Zolendronic acid etc…



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