Parents Habits That Affects Kids

parents habitsParents habits influence the child in their growing up years. Children learn how to feel about their bodies, abilities, almost everything from what their parents say and do. The best way to teach them healthy habits is neither with punishment nor rewards. All you need to do is act in a positive way and inculcate healthy behavior in your kids.

Parents should set a good example to help the kids to learn good ways to make healthy choices and feel happy. Do you have changes to make? Need not worry. You can still do it together.

Common Parents Habits That Affect Kids

Stop Criticizing Yourself

Do not comment negatively on your looks in front of your kids. This is one of the bad parents habits which gives a wrong message to them that self-esteem is based on how much you weight or how your clothes fit. It only trains your kids to find flaws in themselves when they see in the mirror. This will lead to poor body image and self-esteem issues. So, stop criticizing yourself. Rather talk about how good you feel when you eat healthy foods, get enough sleep and when you exercise. These are the lessons you may want your kids to remember.

Do not Indulge In Emotional Eating

When you are disappointed or sad, do you indulge in emotional eating? Then, you are only passing an unhealthy habit to your kids. By doing this, you are making them feel that food is the only way to feel good about yourself. Instead whenever you are feeling low, try to use other ways to boost yourself. Let the kids see you going for a walk or talking to your friends to feel better.

Too Much Talking, Emailing, Texting

It is not really fair to tell your kids not to text while at dinner table when you yourself are on the phone. Always remember it is what you do that sends a stronger message than what you say. So have a set of family rules that everyone needs to follow including the parents. Use the time off the devices as a family time.

Emphasizing Between Superficial and Material

Most of the little girls like playing dress up. Experts warn parents to careful about making pedi or mani parties more important. Instead use the girl time to teach healthy habits like going for walks or teach a sport. This way you will make your girl child learn that being a girl means being strong & powerful. Also she will realize that exercise can also be a great stress reliever. Compliment her more often that she is kind or smart.

Drinking to Feel Better

Whenever you have a bad day at work and come home & say you need drink, your child may feel that alcohol is a best way to relax and feel good about yourself. Not just alcohol, it can also be energy drinks, soda or coffee. Rather use other healthier options to de-stress. You can try meditation, exercise or a hobby and try to involve the whole family.

Do Not Make Everything a Competition

Telling you child that other kids be it their classmates, siblings or neighbors are more athletic is a very bad motivator. Rather, appreciate the child for doing his/her best. Help your child find an activity that they have a passion for and help in their practice. Tell your kid how you have to move every day and how it will make them feel good.

Stop Arguing Always

By having an argument constantly, your showing your kids that it is OK to behave that way. Most often, stress acts as a trigger for arguments. Try looking into stress management techniques in order to handle everyday stress. At first, arguing may make you feel better but you will feel worse later. In addition, kids are negatively impacted by stress from fights.


Criticizing about the way someone looks or behaves is actually sign of poor self-esteem. About to gossip? Stop, then ask yourself is there a good reason for doing so. Most of the times, you are only doing it out of habit, so choose not to. The same applies to indulging yourself in movie gossip, TV shows and magazines. Just put down the magazines, turn off TV and show your kids other healthy ways to unwind and re-energize. Try to get everyone outdoors for a game of hopscotch or for a bike ride.

Admit Your Mistakes

If ever you find yourself acting in a negative manner in front of your kids, do not ignore it and hope your kids didn’t notice. Identify and admit your mistake and use it to teach your kids. You can also involve the kids by telling them to help you stop. They will definitely be more than happy in pointing it whenever you repeat it and this will make you more aware.

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