Quit Smoking – Tips For The Hard Initial Days

quit smokingOne thing you need to remember is tobacco addiction is both physical as well as mental. For many, the best way to quit smoking requires a combination of medication, emotional support and a method to change personal traits.

Tips which aid you to quit smoking and remain smoke free

Sip and Eat

Using a straw , sip cold water which will help to replace the act of sucking on to a cigarette. In addition, it releases a brain chemical, dopamine that helps to ease moods. Having small meals also may help you to avoid the urge to smoke. But make sure you choose lean and healthy foods to avoid weight gain.

Maintain a List of Instant Rewards

You will soon start enjoying the benefits of smoke free life. Maintain a list of good ones as you start noticing them. These may include saving money, smelling better, feeling in control, feeling more energetic and tasting food better. Whenever you feel like smoking, take a look at your list just to remind you what benefits you got from quitting smoke.

Brush Your Teeth More Often

One of the instant benefits of quitting smoke is that your breath smells better and your mouth tastes better. So, brush often. This way you will become less inclined to smoking and foul your clean and fresh mouth.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is one of the most common factors that can make people go back to smoking. Alcohol usually breaks down self restraint. This may take away your commitment to quit smoking. Most of the smokers link smoking with drinking, hence booze may make you want to light up a cigarette.

Look For Your Own No-Smoking Zones

Whenever you feel like smoking, go to a place where you can’t light up, for example a library, movie or a store. If the place is more distracting, then it is easier to ride out your carvings.

Remember Your Reasons for Quitting

Jot down a list of all the reasons that prompts you to quit smoking. Put it up at every place you spend time, like at the work place, at the kitchen, next to the bathroom mirror. Post it at such places where it is easily visible. Some ex-smokers feel that they found it useful to post photos of family and loved ones next to their reasons to quit smoking.

Try To Be Active Every Day

Exercise is a powerful distraction tool from cravings. Normally your body sends out natural chemicals that enhances your mood and eases stress when you are active. One of the simplest options is walking. In order to stay motivated, choose quite a few different activities. Set aside a particular time every day to be physically active, particularly in the first month after you have quit smoking.

Fill Your Calendar

During the initial few weeks after you quit smoking, you will have to schedule a lot of things you may want and need to do. Make a plan to eat along with family or friends and avoid giving in to smoking temptations. The busier you keep yourself, the more distracted  you will be from the temptation to smoke.

Have Something Else in Your Mouth

Having something in your mouth is part of the urge to smoke. Hence pop in a hard candy, chewing gum which is sugar free or a healthy snack in place of a cigarette whenever you feel like lighting up. Keep a stock of something with you at all times. If gaining weight is your concern, stick to low calorie options like veggies and fruits.

Have a Lifeline

Ask someone to stay with you when you need support. The best choice will be a friend who is a former smoker. Not only a former smoker, but anyone who cares for you and wants you to quit smoking can help you when times get tough.

Limit The Intake of Caffeine

Caffeine helps you get going in the morning and keeps you alert when you are tired. But for some, it makes them feel stressed, jittery and tense. Breaking your tobacco addition can enhance those effects. If caffeine has such effects on you, its better to cut back on it.

Notice Your Bad Moods

Negative emotions like anger, stress and frustration are some of the common reasons people start smoking again. Bad moods can happen to anyone and everyone. But during the first few weeks of quitting, chances are that you will experience more than your fair share of bad moods. Find ways to keep yourself busy. Do something you enjoy like a get together with friends.

Make Sure You Stay on Track

If you can make through the first 2 weeks, then you are definitely on your way to a lifetime free of tobacco addiction. But also keep yourself prepared in case you falter. Remember that one lapse does not mean that you have failed. Note what went wrong. Then think of ways you can handle the same situation without smoking the next time. Your doctor may also help you to stay on track.

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