Removing Earwax causes more harm than benefits

earwaxAre you removing earwax more often from your ears? Doctors warn that it causes damage to your ears. To clean and protect the ears, your body produces earwax. The American Academy of Otolaryngology has issued an updated clinical practice guideline. According to this guideline, the ear wax helps to collect dust, dirt & other matter and prevents them from getting into the ear.

Seek Medical Attention or leave it alone if earwax builds up

People have an inclination to clean their ears as they feel earwax indicates uncleanliness. This has led to unsafe ear habits. Your day to day activities like chewing and moving your jaw pushes the old earwax to the opening of the ear from where it gets washed off during bath or it flakes off. This process is normal and continuous but at times this self cleaning process fails.  As a result, there is a build up of earwax which will block the ear canal partly or fully.

People often clean out their ears with cotton buds, ear candles, paper clips or any thing that they get their hands on and which they can put in their ears. They do this normally to prevent the earwax from building up. This effort to eliminate earwax only causes further damage as the earwax is pushed down farther into the ear canal.

In fact anything that can fit in the ear causes serious damage to both the ear canal and drum which can lead to temporary or sometimes permanent damage.

New Guidelines

According to the guidelines published on Jan. 3 in the journal Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery, excessive cleaning causes irritation of  the ear canal,  infection and  increase the chances of wax buildup.

Below are the new guidelines which also offers some tips on how to protect your ears:

  • Over cleaning can lead to irritation of your ear canal and also infection, hence do not over do it when cleaning your ears.
  • Do not put anything in your ear. All these things like cotton buds, toothpicks and hairpins can lead to cut in your ear canal or even a hole in the ear drum or can dislocate your hearing bones causing a ringing sound in the ears, loss of hearing and dizziness.
  • Ear candles can cause serious damage to the ear canal and eardrum, hence do not use them.
  • Its best to seek medical advice if you experience any hearing loss, bleeding, ear pain, drainage or ear fullness.
  • Check with your medical provider whether you can treat wax buildup at home.

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