Benefits of Squats – Why You Should Squat?

SquatsSquats is one exercise which has to be a part of everyone’s exercise routine. More so if you are searching for a better way to boost your overall fitness and also to get some better results from your workout regime. Then you do not have to look further than squat exercises. Also it is pretty simple to perform. You do not need any equipment for performing it and you can do it just about anywhere. More often squats are considered as leg exercises, but they also benefit your entire body.

Benefits of Squats

Helps to Build Muscle in Your Entire Body

In addition to building muscle in your legs, squats also help to create an anabolic environment. This environment helps to promote full body muscle building. Squats are so intense that when you do them properly, they trigger the release of hormones like human growth hormone and testosterone in your body. These hormones are essential for muscle growth and can help you to improve muscle mass as you train other parts of your body apart from your legs. So in a way, squats can improve your upper as well as lower body strength.

Helps to Make Real-Life Activities More Easier

Squats are functional exercises. The functional exercises help your body to perform real life activities. When you do the squatting exercises, you build muscles and squatting also helps your muscles to work more efficiently. It also promotes balance and mobility. All these benefits help your body to efficiently perform the real life activities.

Helps to Burn More Fat

Gaining more muscle is the most efficient way of burning more calories. Your body will burn an additional 50 to 70 calories per day for every pound of additional muscle gain. This means, a gain of 10 pounds of muscle will burn 500 to 700 calories automatically per day.

Squats Help to Maintain Balance and Mobility

As you get old, you need strong legs to stay mobile. Squats are the best for increasing leg strength. They work out the core as well thereby stabilizing muscles. This in turn helps in your balance and also improves the communication between your muscle groups and brain. This communication helps to prevent falls which is the no 1 reason for preventing fractures.

Injury Prevention

Most of the athletic injuries are due to ligaments, connective tissues and stabilizer muscles. Squats help to strengthen them. They also improve your balance and flexibility there by preventing injury.

Boosts Your Sports Performance

Squatting helps athletes run faster and jump higher. Hence this exercise is part of training program which every professional athlete follows. There are many studies that have linked squatting strength with athletic ability.

Tones Your Abs, Backside and Entire Body

Only few exercises work as many muscles as squats do. Hence it an excellent way for toning and tightening your abs, legs and your back. More over, squats mainly build muscles. The muscles help in glucose regulation, insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism which in turn protects you against health conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Help in Removal of Wastes

Squatting helps to improve the pumping of body fluids. This aids in waste removal and nutrition delivery to all tissues, glands and organs. They also improve the movement of feces through colon and useful for more regular bowel movements.

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