What is ADHD? How common is ADHD?

The best way to understand ADHD is to establish what it is not. First up it is not because of your child's laziness or disobedience or even due to bad parenting. Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder is a biological condition due to which the children are unable to sit still and concentrate. Many areas of the brain control the child's ability to concentrate. In a child with ADHD, these areas may be less active and develop more slowly or lately. The best evidence for this occurs in the fron...

Discovery of Brain Like Activity in Immune System

brain like activity
A research team from Australian National University (ANU) has discovered brain like activity in the immune system. This means better treatment for certain disorders like autoimmune diseases, lymphoma and immunodeficiency disorders. These disorders collectively claim millions of lives of people globally. Neuron Like Particles in Immune System Ilenia Papa the lead researcher from ANU said that " the research confirms for the first time the presence of certain particles in the immune system which...

Generous People Live Happier Lives

generous people
Generosity makes people happy. You will lead a happier life even if you are only a little generous. People who act only for their self-interest are likely to be less happy. Just promising oneself to be generous is enough to cause a change in our brains that makes us happier. A recent study by UHZ neuroeconomists suggests that generous people live happier lives. People who are concerned about others are more happier than those who focus on their own interests. According to the behavioral econo...