Healthy Aging Secrets For Young Mind & Body

healthy aging
Everyone wishes for a fountain of youth. But this exists only in legends. Science offers few simple healthy aging secrets which are nothing but healthy habits that can extend your life. Tips for Healthy Aging Don't Slow Down Not only for reducing mortality, but even for many health benefits, physical activity and exercise is the best. The advantages of exercise are improved memory & sleep, fewer heart risks, less pain & depression, less falls and better bone strength. If you able to d...

Benefits of Lunges – Leg Training Exercises

For shaping of your legs and bottom, lunges are one of the most effective exercises. This exercise mainly targets the quadriceps. But it works out the additional muscles as well which includes hamstrings, glutes, core muscles and calves. This makes it an important exercise which tones your lower body. In addition, they are back friendly exercises. While performing them, you need to keep your back straight and your chest lifted. Hence, there will be only little strain on your back. Including lung...

Benefits of Squats – Why You Should Squat?

Squats is one exercise which has to be a part of everyone's exercise routine. More so if you are searching for a better way to boost your overall fitness and also to get some better results from your workout regime. Then you do not have to look further than squat exercises. Also it is pretty simple to perform. You do not need any equipment for performing it and you can do it just about anywhere. More often squats are considered as leg exercises, but they also benefit your entire body. Benefits ...

10 ways to Improve Metabolism

A good metabolism is what every weight watcher will aim for but there are several factors on which how fast you burn your calories depend. For instance, men burn more than women even while resting. Some may have a speedy metabolism due to their genes. Age also plays a role, with age your ability to burn calories may slow down. Though you can't do much about these factors like age, gender and genetics, but you sure can improve your metabolism by certain ways. Below are a few of them: 10 Ways to ...