Dry Eyes – Causes And Treatment

dry eyes
Your eyes will be full of tears even when you are in a happy mood. The tears help to provide lubrication and moisture which helps you to see and keep your eyes comfortable. Tears are a mix of water, oil, mucus and antibodies. These ingredients are secreted by special glands around the eyes. You get dry eyes when your tear system gets affected. When tears are not able to moisturize your eyes, you get a feeling of : Itching A feeling like there is something in your eye Redness Lig...

Cataract – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

The passage of the light to retina is blocked by a cloudy area in the lens of the eye which is painless and is called cataract. Retina is actually a nerve layer at the back part of the eye. It detects the light that enters the eyes and sends signals to the brain. Vision problems occur when the cataract blocks the passage of light to retina Causes of Cataract Age and exposure to sunlight are the main causes of this condition. Changes in eyes are a normal part of ageing. Not all these changes wi...