Fatty Liver Diet – Foods To Eat And Avoid

fatty liver diet
Fatty liver disease is one of the leading reasons for liver failure. Diet can be used as one of the ways to treat this disease irrespective of the type. Normally liver helps to produce bile and aids in digestion and also helps to remove toxins in a healthy person. Liver is damaged in a person with fatty liver disease and hence it may not work as well as it should. Try to follow fatty liver diet consistently for better health benefits. Generally, the diet for fatty liver disease can include th...

Fatty Liver Disease – An Overview

fatty liver disease
Fatty liver is a term that describes the build up of too much fat in the liver. It is normal to have some amount of fat in the liver. But if it crosses more than 5 to 10% of the organ's weight, it means you have the fatty liver disease. Alcohol consumption is one of the key causes of this disease. Hence if you have the habit of drinking then stop it immediately. Fatty liver disease is mainly of two types: Alcoholic liver disease (ALD) and Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). You may also ge...