ADHD Treatment & Strategies

ADHD treatment
Get to know the various ADHD treatment options and strategies available which may help your child to manage and work around the symptoms of ADHD. Your choice of treatment depends on the child's age & symptoms, your personal views, any other health issues and your experience with any previous treatments. No need to panic if your first strategy wasn't effective. There are several approaches you can try and find the best that fits your child. Below are the ADHD treatments and approaches whic...

What is ADHD? How common is ADHD?

The best way to understand ADHD is to establish what it is not. First up it is not because of your child's laziness or disobedience or even due to bad parenting. Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder is a biological condition due to which the children are unable to sit still and concentrate. Many areas of the brain control the child's ability to concentrate. In a child with ADHD, these areas may be less active and develop more slowly or lately. The best evidence for this occurs in the fron...