Probiotics – An Effective Tool For Osteoporosis

probiotics & osteoporosis
Osteoporosis even though affects the older adults majorly, loss of bone density can start as early as age 40. According to a recent research, scientists have found probiotics to be safe and acts as an effective treatment tool to help fight bone loss. There is a general misconception that bones grow at once and then remain the same for life. Instead, the living tissue that comprises the bone constantly breaks and remodels into a new bone. When we are young, this process is more efficient. A...

Osteoporosis Drug Could be the Cure for Baldness

osteoporosis drug for baldness
Here is some good news for people worrying about going bald due to stress, thinning of hair or male pattern baldness. A new drug originally meant for thinning of bones disease - osteoporosis could be the cure for baldness. As per the researchers from University of Manchester's Centre for Dermatology Research, a new study on the osteoporosis drug originally meant to treat the bone disorder had positive effects on hair follicles in humans. Study Finds Cure for Baldness in Osteoporosis Drug The s...