Probiotics – An Effective Tool For Osteoporosis

probiotics & osteoporosis
Osteoporosis even though affects the older adults majorly, loss of bone density can start as early as age 40. According to a recent research, scientists have found probiotics to be safe and acts as an effective treatment tool to help fight bone loss. There is a general misconception that bones grow at once and then remain the same for life. Instead, the living tissue that comprises the bone constantly breaks and remodels into a new bone. When we are young, this process is more efficient. A...

Prebiotics – What You Should Know?

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Every part of our digestive system has a role to play in the processing of food. The role that the large intestine plays is particularly interesting as it is home to a vast variety of microbes especially bacteria which have a positive influence on our health. In fact, our overall health depends on the balance between the useful bacteria and the less useful ones. Prebiotics and probiotics help us to maintain this balance. When it comes to prebiotics which is often interchanged with probiotics,...