Insomnia Symptoms, Diagnosis & treatment

insomnia symptoms
Insomnia is a complicated condition where in a person has difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep even when the person has the chance to sleep. People with this condition are not satisfied with their sleep. They usually experience one or more of the insomnia symptoms like low energy, mood disturbances, fatigue, decrease in performance at school or in work and difficulty concentrating. Insomnia Symptoms In some cases, insomnia itself may be a symptom of any underlying health condition. B...

Insomnia – Overview & Causes

Insomnia is a sleep disorder. People with this disorder find it hard to fall asleep and as a result the effects can be devastating. This disorder affects regularly millions of people worldwide. Lethargy, daytime sleepiness and a constant feeling of being unwell are the common symptoms of Insomnia. Other symptoms may include anxiety, irritability and mood swings. Insomnia constitutes a wide range of sleep disorders from lack of quantitative sleep to lack of qualitative sleep. It is commonly of th...