Bloating Causes And Prevention

Most of the people suffer from bloating, even when they have not had a large meal. In some severe cases, bloating may cause distension of the abdomen. What and how you eat is the main cause of bloating or gas. Hence making a few simple changes in your diet will help. Bloating Causes Below are the common causes of bloating and ways to avoid them: The most common cause is overeating. Hence eating smaller portions should ease the pain. Unlike protein and carbohydrates, fat takes longer ti...

Diarrhea – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

When your stools are watery and loose, it means you have diarrhea. It is a common digestive disorder which is usually not serious. Most people have this condition once or twice a year and it lasts usually for 2 or 3 days. Over the counter medicines can treat this condition. It may also come as a symptom of other health conditions like the irritable bowel syndrome. Diarrhea Symptoms Some of the common diarrhea symptoms include the following: Loose and watery stools Cramps Nausea B...

Gastritis – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Gastritis can be acute or chronic. It is an inflammation of the stomach lining. This condition can be cured with proper treatment plan. Causes of Gastritis Stress, excessive alcohol intake, chronic vomiting or taking certain medications can cause this condition. Medications may include over the counter drugs like aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs. May also occur due to following causes of gastritis: Bacterial and viral infections Reflux of bile - a back flow of bile from bile duct to ...