Yoga Benefits in our Daily life

yoga benefitsYoga has immense benefits. Yoga benefits are not only restricted to physical well being but expands even to mental and spiritual well being. It is often misunderstood to be limited only to the asanas. But yoga is a kind of total mind and body workout that helps in uniting the body, mind and breath.

Once you understand the yoga benefits, you get motivated enough to include yoga in your daily routine.

Yoga Benefits

  1. Yoga for Increased Flexibility and better Posture

One of the best yoga benefits is that, it improves your flexibility. Due to sedentary lifestyle, our bodies have become stiff. With regular yoga practice we can improve our flexibility gradually. Initially you won’t be able to touch your toes. By including yoga in our daily routine, this can change and we can benefit from a body which is soft , supple and flexible.

Not only yoga makes our body flexible, it also helps in correcting one’s posture. Poor posture may cause pain in the back, neck, other muscle and joints. We can overcome this by practicing yoga regularly.

  1. Yoga helps in weight loss

With regular yoga, we can keep our weight in check. Some of the yoga poses like Surya Namaskar and KapalĀ  Bhati pranayama help in lose weight. The other benefit of regular yoga is that we become more sensitive to the kind of food we crave for and time of the craving. This helps in control weight.

  1. Yoga Improves Immunity

    Yoga is a natural immunity booster. Some of the yoga poses help to release white blood cells in the body thereby strengthening the immune system. Yoga improves blood circulation and also increases the energy in the body which helps the body to put up strong resistance against pathogens.

  2. Helps in maintaining balanced metabolism

Few of the yoga poses helps in stimulating the thyroid gland thus increasing the metabolism.

5.Yoga improves Concentration

As we age, our brain slows down and as a result our concentration levels drop. Stress also plays a factor in reduced concentration. In most of the yoga poses, we take deep breaths and focus only on our breathing. This in turn helps to increase our concentration.

Regular yoga practice helps to improve both mind and body. One should not consider yoga as an alternative to medicine but as a precautionary measure that keeps diseases away.

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